Here at Solve we support the great work being done by the South Canterbury Rural Trust – here is their recent update:

Sth Canty Rural Support Trust

Following on from the Rural Professionals meeting held earlier this year we felt it timely to give an update from us on the situation facing rural South Canterbury.   The dry has continued through the winter and while there has been some rain lately all indications are that current dry conditions will persist through the spring. As a result the Minister for Primary Industries last week agreed to extend the duration of the medium scale adverse event declaration until February 2016.

This means Rural Assistance Payments, special IRD provisions and extra funding for the RST’s will continue until then.

The dairy situation has continued to weaken which has caused considerable nervousness. This is already showing signs of impacting on the wider rural community, including rural suppliers. We expect this to continue, at least in the short term. The Trust has been busy supporting and working with farmers and the wider rural community during this time. We are working alongside Federated Farmers and other industry good groups, and have also offered support to rural professionals, for both themselves and for their farmer clients.   We have people who will visit farmers on farm, helping them assess their situation, and facilitating the assistance they require.

This is a time for lateral thinking, and a time for all parties to work together to achieve the best outcome for all. Sharemilkers remain our greatest concern and we encourage farm owners and sharemilkers to work together to minimise both the financial losses for each party and, equally importantly, the loss of good people from the industry. We have heard of, and facilitated in a number of situations where creative thinking has resulted in a mutually sustainable solution.   Rural Assistance Payments are available to those with severely restricted incomes due to the drought. There have been an increasing number of these applications.

Feel free to contact any member of the Trust if you have an issue they can help with.

  • David Hewson  021 720 367
  • David Williams  027 297 4454
  • Sarah Barr        027 444 9380
  • Cara Gregan     027 478 2259
  • Abby France      027 225 5500

Contact us here at Solve or the Rural Support Trust if you need to know more about these payments as together we are committed to assisting our whole rural community.


The Solve Team

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