Systemise the RoutineIs your business so dependent on you that you can’t get away from it?

 Ever wish you had an “Easy” button?


Systemising your business is vitally important for its survival, growth and ultimate success. It is also an important element in you obtaining the best possible value when you exit and sell your business.

Business owners get caught in the trap of doing everything. They can obsess over the smallest details, and then wonder why their employees can’t seem to do anything without strict supervision. They spend their extra time looking over the work of their staff, and correcting the mistakes. They take all the big calls, good and mostly bad, from the customers because the caller’s relationship is with the owner.

If any of these statements apply to you, you need our help!!

Realise the power of systemisation. We estimate about 80% of what’s done in your business can be systemised. Figure out all the routine things that are done and document the best way to accomplish these tasks.

Creating systems is not enough. You need to ensure they are easy to follow, and easy to do. If you don’t make it easy, it will not be done, or at least not consistently.

The more you look, the more you’ll find creative ways to make your business more straightforward. The systemised documentation needs to be easy to understand. Use short, bulleted instructions – no long paragraphs. Use pictures, diagrams, even videos to make the information easy to comprehend.

So remember, there is an “Easy” button available for your business.

 And easy is spelled S-Y-S-T-E-M-S.

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