Cashflow forecasting and monthly revision with Cashmanager RURAL are unbelievably simple – ensuring it’s easy to see the big picture.

The budgeting power of Cashmanager RURAL is second to none. There are no other programs so powerfully simple to use. Cashmanager RURAL is a management tool designed to ensure money is spent where it gives the best productive return.

Cashmanager RURAL is financial software that helps farmers plan, by meeting the financial and physical management needs of a wide range of different farm types. It is ideal for farm consultants, bankers and accountants and has a range of setup options. The program can be tailored to suit any business needs.

  • Reporting, Trader imports
  • Cashflow, Cashbook, Worksheets
  • GST set up for farming
  • Accountants year end reports
  • Livestock Reconciliation
  • Crop Reconcilaition
  • Dairy Calculator
  • Wages, Invoicing
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